Tesco Trials Free Clubcard TV

If you have a Tesco Clubcard (or are prepared to apply for one) then you can now try out a new TV and film service via blinkbox. And, to warm the cockles of every thrifty parent’s heart, this service is free. So, what’s on offer?… Continue reading

What is the ISA Allowance for 2013/2014?

If you have some spare cash to save or invest, then it might be worth looking at a tax-free option such as an ISA. This might not save you masses of money, but every little does help (thank you Tesco!). Unless you can find an… Continue reading

How to Get a Discount at Jack Wills

Thrifty parents get used to digging out the best deals on the brands their kids like as they get older (and stop wearing what you tell them to wear!). Unfortunately, this can be hard with certain shops. If you have a kid that loves the… Continue reading

Thrifty Activities for Halloween: Printables, Templates and Crafts

If you’re planning a Halloween party (or your kid is planning one for you!) or if you want some fun craft ideas to get into the scary season mood, then there is plenty of free stuff online for even the thriftiest parent. You can use… Continue reading

Ideas for Thrifty Homemade Halloween Costumes

Although it is only September, Halloween will soon be upon us and lots of kids will want to dress up in costumes and go trick or treating. You can, of course, buy an outfit but this is money you don’t have to spend. It’s easy… Continue reading

BBC KS1 Bitesize Money Games – Igloo Shopping

Teaching your children to be thrifty is something you can start at an early age. In fact, the sooner you begin these life lessons, the better. Kids that understand how money works on a basic level will be much better placed to use it wisely… Continue reading

How to Get Cheaper Theme Park Tickets

The summer holidays are almost upon us and this is, according to many kids, the perfect time for a theme park visit. As a parent, you probably already know that this can be a fantastic treat day out; you probably also know that it can… Continue reading

Can Black Box Car Insurance Reduce Your Policy Costs?

The market for black box car insurance (also often referred to as a pay how you drive or telematics policy) is likely to increase in the UK in the future. The EU ruling that levels costs for women and men may well encourage a lot… Continue reading

The Thrifty Parents Guide to Getting Your Child Ready for College

One of the biggest source of problems for kids leaving home to go to university is money. Many teenagers haven’t really ever had to budget for themselves before and many have no real idea of what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Even if your… Continue reading

Cash on Tap: The Cost of Bottled Water

The current hot spell got me thinking about how much we spend on bottles of water. We’ve tried to minimise this recently by buying refillable water bottles and using those when we can, partly because I hate paying for something that comes out of the… Continue reading

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